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TempEmail - Temporary EmailTemporary Disposable Anonymous email address

TempEMail.net is The place where you get a Free, Temporary, Disposable, Anonymous,
email address, keeping your own email address Spam and Virus Free!

We NEVER send any email to anyone using tempemail.net
We only Receive your Anonymous and Temporary email messages!

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We are currently updating this FAQ - if your question is not answered, please use the contact page to ask us your question

TempEMail.net is The place where you get Free, Anonymous, Temporary, Disposable email address, keeping your own email address Spam and Virus Free!

Tempemail.net allows you to receive Mail - We simply cannot allow you to send mail from our server - The spammers would love us and get us shut down in not time. Don't even ask us to SEND your mail

There is no need to go through any sign-up process - simply pick a name and create the temporary address.  As you never sign-up we have no record of who you are - this service is totally anonymous for all users.

For the service to work, you have to first CREATE the email address (use the "Create" link at the top of the page) - otherwise, we'll reject the incoming mail as spam.

When you need to submit an email address and don't want to give out your main address and don't want the hassle of finding some free webmail service, simply use anything@TempEMail.net   To check the mail simply type the 'anything' into the form!

There is no need to worry about checking the address ever again once you have the information you want - making the address totally disposable.

This service is FAST!  All email arrives in the mailbox, and it is sorted into a database within 15 minutes.  By using a database, it is a simple matter to search all the messages for the one you are looking for.

Anyone can visit the site and select a name to use - It is probably worthwhile checking if an address has been used in the last 14 days by simply doing a search and checking if you get a response

We are different than other similar services in that we have a great, easy to remember name www.TempEMail.net and we provide access to the Full headers of all messages - to allow easier tracking and reporting of abuse.

As all email can be viewed by anyone, we do not recommend using this service to receive sensitive or personal information.

TempEmail.net service is not perfect! Sometimes messages do not get stored in the database. This is usually due to a message having the same message ID in the database already. If a Message has the same Message ID as another one is is usually a sign of spam

All email addresses expire after 14 days.

All email messages are deleted after 14 days.


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